STP Bandung Familiarization Visit

Once again The Media Hotel & Towers has recently welcomed a familiarization visit from Bandung Institute of Tourism or “Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Bandung” or also well-known as STP Bandung. It’s a second visit from Stp Bandung to The Media Hotel The Previous visit was The student majoring in F&B division and now was The student majoring Room Division. The visit aimed at broadening students’ knowledge and skills in hotel and hospitality industry.

STP Bandung are very pleased to be able to come back to the media hotel for the second time this year, the students were very enthusiast to attend a series of events starting from the welcome speech by General Manager Algamar Idris and its leadership team members, Followed with presentation on hotel facilities / services, question and answer session, lunch break and hotel tour.

On this occasion Joezar Rinaldi as Director of Room had the opportunity to give a presentation about the system and regulations  applied on the room division which invite students’ interest through question and answer session. Not only that, Hotel Tour also widen students’ knowledge by showing the daily management system applued by The Media Hotel & Towers.

The Media Hotel hopes this visit can be useful for each student Stp Bandung to advance their knowledge. The media hotel also expect cooperation with educational institutions like STP Bandung can continues forming and channel the experts in the field.






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