Betawi Food Promotions

Where does one go for the pleasure of enjoying a delicious traditional food of Betawi with The Atmoshpere of Jakarta Tempoe Doeloe? The Deli Cake Shop answer that question. Ahead of the anniversary of the city to 486 The Deli Cake Shop currently offering special promotion called “Betawi Food promotions”, a promo that offers the best delicacies typical of the city Betawi.
The Deli Cake Shop will take the visitors back to the past with the unique ornaments depicting the nuances of  Betawi Tempoe Doeloe such as gerabah as traditional cookware who made from clay, dishes and knick knack like sticks made from bamboo torches. Besides that the traditional clothing worn by employees will truly bring us into the atmosphere of Jakarta Tempoe Doeloe
Variety of Betawi culinary specialities will be presented to pampers our hunger.  Soto Betawi, one of the most popular foods in Jakarta contains of  beef, potatoes, tomatoes, scallions, complemented with coconut milk.Seasoning on soto feels right on the tongue. Give a bit topping of  the piece of meat and a sprinkling of garlic is so delicious. It’s not finish yet after that there is soto tangkar like soto Betawi. The difference lies in the color of the liquid. Soto Betawi is white, while soto tangkar yellow almost red. Contents, no beef with fat and beef offal.
And for the Beverages is the Beer Pletok, Beer Pletok made from ginger juice, sugar, basil flower and roots. When we drink beer pletok, first tasted spicy, but later the body will feel warm influence of the herb contained in it, uniqueness of this drink ia it’s doesn’t use alcohol.
Other special options are Wedang Ronde, a warm drink with ginger flavor with the contents of balls of glutinous rice stuffed with a savory peanut. They still have many of food options Betawi very tempting as Asinan Jakarta, Rujak Juhi, Soto Tangkar, Pencok Ayam, Pepes Ikan Mas, Gulai Kambing ala Betawi and various snacks Betawi.
All dishes specially prepared by experienced chefs are owned by The Media Hotel & Towers Jakarta. With the affordable price only Rp 125.000, – net per person guests can enjoy all the Betawi dishes at 18:00 to 22:00 starting from 17 June to 22 June 2013.

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