Sales Blitz: Learn, Adapt and Conquer!

The Media Hotel & Towers today kick off a three-day sales blitz. The sales and marketing team partnered with Food & beverage team and The Acropolis Spa & Fitness team to visit customers and potential clientele in various business and commercial areas in Jakarta.

The theme of the first day is “Learn” where participants visit customers to learn and get to know on customer’s needs, wants, desire, expectation, and situation. “We would like to know and understand our customers so that we can offer the most suitable offer that match with their wish, “said Oxventus Kumala or familiarly called Afen, who was appointed to be the Champion of the Sales Blitz.

The second day of the sales blitz is “Adapt” where sales team encourages other departments and all participants to adapt to market environment and the behavior of customer as well as to know the competition. “Competition is getting tougher nowadays and the market has been growing. To excel in this market place, there is only one way; ADAPT YOURSELF,” explain Amin Krisdiana who joins the Blitz as a group leader.

The third day of the Sales Blitz activity is about “Conquer”. After learning and adapting, a solid and powerful sales & marketing team must conquer any potential leas turn into pieces of business. “Everyone must have the spirit of Conquer in order to win the competition and come up us the winner,” said Husein Assegaf who also joins the program as a group leader.

Seen in the pictures, activities during the Sales Blitz program.


sales blitz_mediahotel1