Getting Familiar to Deal with Fire

In order to enhance associates’ knowledge, skills and readiness on how to deal with fire and emergency situation related to fire accident, The Media Hotel & Towers has recently hosted a training on fire fighting for associates. The training practiced basic and advance principle on how to tackle fire in safe procedure.

In the training, each associate learned to extinguish fire with real emergencies circumstances and with simple tools. It recommended that the safest way if we cannot find fire extinguisher, we have to get a wet cloth or wet sacks and then to cover source of the fire. This will eliminate oxygen, required a fire to burn.

Fire Fighting Training becomes a routine program organized by Security Department. The training aimed at enhancing skills, knowledge and teamwork behavior towards safety and emergency situation particularly when dealing with fire accidents.

Seen in the pictures, activities during the fire fighting training.

the media hotel_fire fighting7

the media hotel_fire fighting1

the media hotel_fire fighting5