Sales Blitz: Learn, Adapt and Conquer!

The Media Hotel & Towers today kick off a three-day sales blitz. The sales and marketing team partnered with Food & beverage team and The Acropolis Spa & Fitness team to visit customers and potential clientele in various business and commercial areas in Jakarta.

The theme of the first day is “Learn” where participants visit customers to learn and get to know on customer’s needs, wants, desire, expectation, and situation. “We would like to know and understand our customers so that we can offer the most suitable offer that match with their wish, “said Oxventus Kumala or familiarly called Afen, who was appointed to be the Champion of the Sales Blitz.

The second day of the sales blitz is “Adapt” where sales team encourages other departments and all participants to adapt to market environment and the behavior of customer as well as to know the competition. “Competition is getting tougher nowadays and the market has been growing. To excel in this market place, there is only one way; ADAPT YOURSELF,” explain Amin Krisdiana who joins the Blitz as a group leader.

The third day of the Sales Blitz activity is about “Conquer”. After learning and adapting, a solid and powerful sales & marketing team must conquer any potential leas turn into pieces of business. “Everyone must have the spirit of Conquer in order to win the competition and come up us the winner,” said Husein Assegaf who also joins the program as a group leader.

Seen in the pictures, activities during the Sales Blitz program.


sales blitz_mediahotel1


Training on Professional Selling Skills (PSS)

The Media Hotel & Towers Jakarta has recently conducted training on Professional Selling Skill for associates from various departments. It is aimed at sharpening associates’ knowledge, skills and best practices in   order to become a good salesperson.

In the training session, participants learned to understand skills and attitude that differentiate between high-performing sales people than average-performing sales people. Participants also learned three driving principle of effective selling, the core skill of professional selling skills, Sales proses, and how to handle customer objection during the sales process.

The module of Professional Selling Skill emphasizes on futuristic concept in the art of selling by focusing not to the product but to the customer, earning right to advance the sales proses and encouraging customer engagement throughout the process.

“Most average-ordinary sales person focuses on his or her agenda in order to sell their product and meet their target and hence neglecting what actually customer needs, wants, problems, situation and desire. By hosting this training, we would like to educate our team to respect our clientele and focus on their agenda,” said Mohammad Iqbal Director of Marketing Communications who presented as the trainer.

Seen in the pictures, activities during the training.

the media hotel_pss4

the media hotel_pss11


STP Bandung to Visit The Media Hotel & Towers

The Media Hotel & Towers has recently welcomed a familiarization visit from Bandung Institute of Tourism or “Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Bandung” or also well-known as STP Bandung. A group 50 students and lecturers visited the hotel for courtesy and familiarization. The visit aimed at broadening students’ knowledge and skills in hotel and hospitality industry.

The courtesy visit was featured with a welcome speech by General Manager Algamar Idris and its leadership team members, followed with presentation on hotel facilities/services, question and answer, lunch break and hotel tour.

“We are happy to welcome students from STP Bandung to learn knowledge and practical issues from industry like us. And as we are always keen to support education and the sector of human development, we want to extend our commitment to partner all hotel and tourism schools by giving them opportunity to visit and learn many things directly from us,” said General Manager Algamar Idris.

Seen in the pictures activities during the courtesy visit.

Students and lecturers of STP Bandung pose for photograph together with General Manager and leadership team of The Media Hotel & Towers

Students and lecturers of STP Bandung pose for photograph together with General Manager and leadership team of The Media Hotel & Towers

General Manager Algamar Idris deliver a welcome speech during the occasion

General Manager Algamar Idris delivers a welcome speech during the occasion

Students of STP Bandung pose for photograph at Media Lounge located on 3rd floor of The Media Hotel & Towers

Students of STP Bandung pose for photograph at Media Lounge located on 3rd floor of The Media Hotel & Towers

Hotel Orientation and Training for Fresh Hired

Here are new associates, we would like we would like to welcome you aboard to The Media Hotel & Towers, one of the best places to work and develop career in hotel and hospitality industry.

As part of the induction program as well as to welcome the new associates, The Media Hotel & Towers has recently conducted a three-days training and orientation class. First of all, it covers introduction to hotel, including history, brand, mission and vision, core values, work ethic, products, services and facilities. The new batch also learned to get familiarized with hotel organization chart and its functions.

The induction program also includes standard of hotel operation including knowledge and skills in grooming, cultural service values, service excellence, hotel operation, grooming policy, food hygiene & sanitation, and so on. On the last day, associates were taken on hotel tour as well as trained on standard procedure when facing situation during emergency and fire accident.

Seen in the pictures, activities during the training.

orientation training2

orientation training4

orientation training5

Training on JW Diageo International

The Media Hotel & Towers continues sharpening its associates’ knowledge, skills, and best practices on hotel and restaurant operations through trainings and workshops. The hotel has recently carried out a two-day training class about knowledge of alcoholic beverages by JW Diego International. It was intended for all food and beverage team to learn and get familiarized with products of JW Diageo International.

Associates are trained to understand more about types and characteristics of spirit products such as whisky, vodka, tequila, rum, brandy and dry gin. By adding knowledge and improving skills on this subject, associates will be able to offer suggestion and recommendation to customers on what beverages would suit to. It also helps associates understand and perform the right operations about serving spirits.

“This kind of training is very important and thus very useful for most food and beverage practitioners, and I myself recommend to all of our food and beverage team to go through this training. By knowing aspects on area, it definitely will improve our service excellent,” said Director of Food & Beverage The Media Hotel & Towers, Herinova.

fb training_jw diageo1

fb training_jw diageo2

fb training_jw diageo5a