Earth Hour Cocktail 2013 at The Media Hotel & Towers

Beside turning off non-essential lights and or electronic devices as well as reading Green Daily Tips for all associates throughout the month of March 2013, The Media Hotel & Towers also hosted Earth Hour Cocktail to mark its constant participation in the global environmental campaign.

Hosted on the evening of Saturday March 2013rd 2013 at the hotel’s lobby, the Earth Hour Cocktail was for in-house guests and management to participate in the Earth Hour event. It was one of the hotel’s efforts to bring together guests, and partners from various backgrounds celebrating a commitment to the planet.

The event received good response, particularly from hotel’s guests, media and invitee.  “This is our commitment to make the world a better place for us and our future generations, raise awareness on environmental issues as well as involve our guests and associates in green initiatives,” explained General Manager The Media Hotel & Towers Algamar Idris.

Food and Beverage team worked together with Banquet team in the preparation the menu with some healthy drinks. A compilation of official Earth Hour official videos was also screened in the lobby area to show Earth Hour activities from across the globe. A live piano performance gave additional mood of the spirit of saving energy.

Meanwhile, around 50 associates from different departments worked together behind the deck to ensure the process of turning off lights run smooth and safe.

Seen in the pictures, invitees enjoy the Earth Hour Cocktail menu in the dark.

earth hour cocktail3

earth hour cocktail5

earth hour cocktail7

earth hour cocktail9