The Media Games (Pekan Olahraga The Media Hotel & Towers)

Jakarta, 8 February 2013,- If the world has Olympic Games, then The Media Hotel & Towers Jakarta has The Media Games (or Pekan Olahraga The Media Hotel & Towers). It is a sport competition to build associate engagement, strengthening relationship among associates in each department.

the media games1

The opening ceremony was held at The Media Hotel & Towers’ basketball court and attended by hundreds of associates from all departments. Each department showed their best yell-yell to support their team. The atmosphere got even warmed up and so fun when two aerobic instructors jumped up on the stage to show their moves, shouting everyone to follow them to get some bodys-shapes.

The show is not over,  basketball match between Front Office (FO) vs. Food & Beverage (F&B) started as the first match. The game was really entertaining. Enthusiasm and furious audients colored ambience of the match. Front Office team came out to be the winner in this match.

The Media Games still continues with various matches, and we keep reporting it in the next postings.

the media games2

the media games3

the media games4

the media games5

the media games6

the media games7


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