Feast Like The Royalties at Sukhothai Thai Restaurant

We are truly proud to share on this posting that our Sukhothai Authentic Thai Restaurant has been reviewed by one of the best food bloggers in Indonesia; Ellyna Tjohnardi, the owner of foodie blog www.culinarybonanza.blogspot.com

The restaurant has been well reviewed and written nicely, that includes a good features article with some superb food shots. Please visit the link below to read the review.

Sukhothai Restaurant Jakarta

Two culinary promotions at the Sukhothai Restaurant: Unlimited Royal Treat and Thai Mango Delight

Feast Like The Royalties at Sukhothai Thai Restaurant

Sukhothai Thai Restaurant is one of the several F&B establishments at The Media Hotel & Towers (formerly known as the Sheraton Media), which I have noticed but never got the chance to try dining at. From the outside, it looks like a fine dining restaurant, so I wanted to wait for the appropriate occasion.

Just before New Year’s Eve last year, the occasion presented itself and there was Thai Mango Promotion ongoing, I’ve always loved mangoes, so it could not have been a better timing. Besides, we went to experience the Unlimited Royal Treat package, which entitles diners to order as much as they want off the provided menu for a very reasonable price of IDR 149,999/pax nett, drinks are charged separately.

To continue reading the article, please click here or visit the following link:


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