Sales Blitz “Learn, Adapt, Conquer”

Sales and Marketing team at The Media Hotel and Towers recently carried out Sales Blitz to maintain relationships to its esteemed clientele. The team was devided into three groups visiting major corporates, travel agents and government accounts.


Carrying a theme of “Learn, Adapt, Conquer”, the team also raised its bar to steal potential new accounts of each market segment. New businesses and leads obtained during the Sales Blitz were managed to increase hotel sales and revenue.


According to Executive Assistant Manager The Media Hotel and Towers Vincentia Maria, the tadition of Sales Blitz has been proven to be one of the best ways to maintain better customer relationship, increase loyalty and sales production as well as to manage customer database.


Director of Marketing Communication Mohammad Iqbal added that the three days activity was also a good instrument to establish direct marketing and guest engagement.


sales blitz 01




Blitz day 2


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