Christmas Celebration at The Media Hotel & Towers

Joy to the world..!

Associates at The Media Hotel & Towers has recently hosted Christmas at the hotel’s Yacht Club. More than 100 associates from various department attended the evening to celebrate Christmas with orphange children and a group of youth from Christian Church.

The evening features Christmas choir, rafle draws, dinner and thanks giving ceremoy.

Media Indonesia Interview on Christmas Gourmet

Media Indonesia has recently interviewed Chef Aji, Executive Sous Chef of The Media Hotlel & Towers on Christmas Gourmet and special offers during Christmas and holiday seasons.

Siska, a writer of the Media Indonesia and photogrpher Adams visited the hotel and wrote a features news on the hotel’s culinary promotion during the season. Chef Aji prepared a 6 kg roasted turkey complete with condiments and cranberry sauce, yog log Christmas cake and its bread stuffings.

The folowing week, a fullpage head and report on the news published on the daily. Well done Chef Aji.


SindoTV PRIE GS Talk Show

The Media Hotel & Towers has recently welcome producer and tv crew of SindoTV to conduct a tv talkshow shooting titled “PRIE GS Talk Show” at Oasis Lounge located on lobby floor of the hotel.

The group of 23-tv crews worked together with hotel’s Marketing Communicaton team to arrange taping of 2 episodes of the tv talkshow.  This tv shooting will be aired on SindoTV channel on Sunday evening at 21:00hrs.

Seen in the picture below, tv crews who worked to prepare the tv shooting and host Citra and Prie GS as well as Director of Marcom Mohammad Iqbal (right), posed for a picture with SindoTV crews after taping.

after tv shooting - PRIE GS SHOW


Citra (left) and Prie GS as duo host to present PRIE GS Show on SindoTV. On of the tv shooting took place at The Media Hotel & Towers, Jakarta.

Citra (left) and Prie GS as duo host to present PRIE GS Show on SindoTV. On of the tv shooting took place at The Media Hotel & Towers, Jakarta.

TV shooting on PRIE GS Show at The Media Hotel  Towers, Jakarta.

TV shooting on PRIE GS Show at The Media Hotel Towers, Jakarta.

PRIE GS Talk Show shooting at The Media Hotel & Towers, Jakarta

PRIE GS Talk Show shooting at The Media Hotel & Towers, Jakarta

Papa Noel Visits at The Media Hotel & Towers

"Kay the Santa Clause" posed together with Children in Dragon Court, lobby floor of The Media Hotel & Towers, Jakarta.

“Kay the Santa Clause” posed together with Children in Dragon Court, lobby floor of The Media Hotel & Towers, Jakarta.

If you happened to stay at The Media Hotel & Towers in the month of December 2012, you probably notice that Papa Noel (Santa Clause) paid visit to the hotel to meet families and children to distribute surprised gifts.

They regualrly visit the hotel and meet children on weekends. Most children were so happy to meet Santa Clause.

As seen in the pictures, “Kay Santa Clause” offered Christmas gifts to children and posted for a picture.

"Kay the Papa Noel" in action, distributing surprise gift at lobby area of The Media Hotel & Towers.

“Kay the Papa Noel” in action, distributing surprise gift at lobby area of The Media Hotel & Towers.

Peppy to Perform Percussion Show at The Media Hotel & Towers

Unlock the serious fun with Peppy, Narulita, Live DJ and MVP Band on NYE 2013 Countdown Party: Gold & Brown Night.

Jakarta, 29 Desember 2012 – To enliven the celebration of New Year’s Evening 2013, The Media Hotel & Towers presents percussion performance by entertainer Peppy on NYE 2013 Countdown Party: Gold & Brown Night. In collaboration with various singers, DJ and musicians, Peppy will play various percussion instruments combined with live band performance.

Peppy will be accompanied with host Narulita Amarta to entertain guests at The Media Hotel & Towers all night long to the seconds of final New Year’s Eve countdown.

”Peppy who is familiar with his unique gothie and funny appearance will play percussion instruments mixed with some contemporary music, live DJ and live band performance by MVP Band,” said Vincentia Maria, Executive Assistant Manager The Media Hotel & Towers.

Taking place at the hotel’s ballroom located at Jl. Gunung Sahari Raya No. 3 Jakarta, Peppy and Narulita will also treat guests with raffle draws and attractive door prizes including flight tickets Jakarta-Singapore-Jakarta and stay vouchers at luxury hotels in Jakarta, Bandung and Bali.

“Aside from enjoying the luxury and attentive services of a five-star hotel as well as a splendid New Year’s Eve gala Dinner, we would like to pamper our distinguished guests with unique and fun entertainment, hence they experience a memorable Year-end celebration. This is in line with our brand promise welcoming, personalized and memorable,” said Algamar Idris General Manager The Media Hotel & Towers.

For more information and to book your Festive Holiday Package, please call +62 6263001 or email or visit the following links:

or simply visit for further information.

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Sales Blitz “Learn, Adapt, Conquer”

Sales and Marketing team at The Media Hotel and Towers recently carried out Sales Blitz to maintain relationships to its esteemed clientele. The team was devided into three groups visiting major corporates, travel agents and government accounts.


Carrying a theme of “Learn, Adapt, Conquer”, the team also raised its bar to steal potential new accounts of each market segment. New businesses and leads obtained during the Sales Blitz were managed to increase hotel sales and revenue.


According to Executive Assistant Manager The Media Hotel and Towers Vincentia Maria, the tadition of Sales Blitz has been proven to be one of the best ways to maintain better customer relationship, increase loyalty and sales production as well as to manage customer database.


Director of Marketing Communication Mohammad Iqbal added that the three days activity was also a good instrument to establish direct marketing and guest engagement.


sales blitz 01




Blitz day 2

Daily Healthy Tips December 5th 2012

Cara Tepat Atasi Bau Mulut

Bau mulut atau istilah, kedokteran giginya adalah ‘Halitosis’ merupakan bau yang timbul akibat proses bakteri di dalam mulut. Komponen utama bakteri yang menyebabkan bau mulut adalah hydrogen sulfide dan merkaptan. Penyebab bau mulut antara lain:

1. Adanya penyakit jaringan pendukung gigi

2. Aliran air ludahnya kurang

3. Tambalan yang tidak tepat

4. Kumpulan bakteri yang berlebihan dilidah

5. Gigi tiruan yang tidak  bersih

6. Sisa makanan yang terdapat di saku gusi

7. Adanya penyakit sistemik

8. Konsumsi obat tertentu

9. Gangguan pencernaan


Adapun hal-hal yang Anda bisa  lakukan untuk mencegah bau mulut adalah:

  1. Melakukan penyikatan gigi dengan teknik yang tepat dan optimal dengan pasta gigi ber-fluor, serta melakukan penyikatan lidah.
  2. Menggunakan agen anti bakteri untuk rongga mulut, yaitu obat kumur klorheksidin (namun tidak boleh digunakan dalam waktu panjang secara terus menerus).
  3. Merangsang aliran air ludah dengan cara banyak makan buah yang berserat dan sayuran hijau, banyak mengkonsumsi air mineral atau dapat menggunakan obat kumur baking soda.
  4. Mengurangi konsumsi makanan dan minuman yang manis diantara waktu makan utama untuk mencegah terjadinya gigi berlubang yang dapat menimbulkan bau mulut.
  5. Rutin melakukan pemeriksaan dan pembersihan karang gigi di dokter gigi (maksimal per 6 bulan)
  6. Memperbaiki tambalan gigi yang tidak baik di dokter gigi.
  7. Melakukan penambalan gigi yang berlubang.
  8. Mengurangi kebiasaan buruk misalnya merokok.
  9. Jika Anda memiliki penyakit sistemik tertentu, atau gangguan pencernaan      sebaiknya segera konsultasi ke dokter specialis yang berkompeten, untuk      segera melakukan perawatan.

Anda harus mengurangi makan makanan yang merangsang timbulnya bau mulut. JIka ingin mengkonsumsinya, sebaiknya  setelah makan makanan yang menimbulkan bau (jengkol dan bawang) Anda harus berkumur, menyikat lidah dan gigi Anda atau dapat mengunyah permen karet mint untuk merangsang air ludah.

Pilihan lain Anda dapat mengkonsumsi sayuran hijau, wortel, daun mint, roti tawar, atau minuman teh hijau. Sehingga bau mulut akibat makanan tersebut dapat berkurang atau hilang.

Training on Hotel Website

The Sales & Marketing team of The Media Hotel & Towers Jakarta has recently conducted in-house training on “Introduction to Hotel Website”. Marlieke Janssen, the hotel Online Marketing Manager delivered the short course training and share about how hotel website contributes significant role as the first virtual lobby to customers as well as revenue generator. Participants learned about getting familiar about content of the website, booking engine related issues on ecommerce in hotel industry.

Took place at the hotel’s Media Lounge, the training was attended by team members of Sales & Marketing team and several Head of Department (HoD). Seen in the images, Marlieke Jansen (wearing cream suite) delivers training presentation.

hotel website training4

hotel website training3

hotel website training2

hotel website training1

Mandarin Class

Globalization era has come. To support associates develop their career, The Media Hotel & Towers hosts Mandarin class on regular basis. Once a week on every Wednesday, associates learn how to communicate through Mandarin language. For 60 minutes they are taught on how to pronounce, speak, sing, and even write in Mandarin.

“This is a very useful class, especially since we have Chinese restaurant which will help associates improve service to our distinguished guests,” said Charles Gatan, Training and Development Manager of the five-starred business hotel.

mandarin class 1

mandarin class 2

Daily Healthy Tips December 4th 2012

8 Penyakit yang ditandai Kesemutan (selesai)

3. Penyakit jantung

Kesemutan tak hanya akibat neuropati tekanan, tetapi karena komplikasi jantung dengan sarafnya. Pada pasien jantung yang sedang menjalani operasi pemasangan klep, terdapat bekuan darah yang menempel. Bekuan itu bisa terbawa aliran darah ke otak, sehingga terjadi serebral embolik.

Bila sumbatan di otak mengenai daerah yang mengatur sistem sensorik, si penderita akan merasakan kesemutan sebelah. Jika daerah yang mengatur sistem motorik juga terkena, kesemutan akan disertai kelumpuhan.

4. Infeksi tulang belakang

Ini menyebabkan bagian tubuh dari pusar ke bawah tak dapat digerakkan. Penderita tak dapat mengontrol buang air kecil. Buang air besar pun sulit. Penyakit ini dinamakan mielitis (radang sumsum tulang belakang). Tingkat kesembuhan tergantung pada kerusakannya. Bisa sembuh sebagian, tetapi ada juga yang lumpuh.

5. Rematik

Penyakit ini bisa menimbulkan kesemutan atau rasa tebal. Dalam hal ini saraf terjepit akibat sendi pada engsel, misalnya sendi pergelangan tangan, berubah bentuk. Gejala kesemutan biasanya hilang sendiri bila rematik sembuh.

6. Spasmofilia (tetani)

Gejala kesemutan juga bisa merupakan tanda penyakit spasmofilia (tetani). Penyakit ini timbul karena kadar ion kalsium dalam darah berkurang. Penyebabnya adalah menurunnya tegangan karbondioksida dalam paru-paru. Gejala lain : kejang pada tungkai, sulit tidur, emosi labil, takut, lemah, sakit kepala sebelah atau migrain, dan hilang kesadaran.

7. Guillain-barre syndrome

Kesemutan bisa jadi salah satu indikasi penyakit ini. Ditandai gejala demam tinggi, batuk, dan sesak napas. Juga diikuti rasa kesemutan dan kebas. Kesemutan biasanya terasa di sekujur tubuh, khususnya pada ujung jari kaki dan tangan karena virus menyerang sistem saraf tepi.

Bila keadaan itu tidak segera diatasi, serangan akan berlanjut ke organ vital. Akibatnya, penderita merasa sesak napas dan lumpuh di seluruh tubuh.

8. Cytomegalovirus (CMV)

Ada kesemutan yang didahului flu berat. Kesemutan akan menghebat mulai dari ujung jari, menjalar hingga ke pusar. Penderita bisa hanya merasa kebas atau sampai sulit berjalan, berarti sumsum tulang belakang kena radang. Ini akibat serangan virus, biasanya cytomegalovirus.

Computer Class

In order to train and develop the most valuable asset of a company; ASSOCIATES (employee), The Media Hotel & Towers regularly carries out trainings about Computer Operations. Equipped with some units of networked PC (Personal Computer), associates learn how to operate computer and in particularly operations of Windows and Office Software.

Management of the hotel received positive response, good feedback and enthusiasm from associates about the 60 minutes training class.

Daily Healty Tips December 3rd, 2012

8 Penyakit yang Ditandai Kesemutan (serie 1)

Kebanyakan orang pernah mengalami kesemutan kala duduk bersila terlalu lama  atau tertidur dengan tangan bertindih kepala. Kondisi ini juga terjadi saat tekanan itu berlanjut tepat  pada saraf. Namun, kesemutan akan hilang bila tekanan sudah tidak ada lagi.

Kesemutan juga bisa menjadi indikasi banyak penyakit, seperti diabetes militus, hipertensi, saraf terjepit, gangguan aliran darah pada pembuluh darah tepi, maupun gangguan darah. Ada kalanya  pada mereka yang belum diketahui mengidap diabetes,  kesemutan dapat menjadi gejala awal diketahui diabetes.

Paresthesia atau kesemutan kronis sering merupakan simtom dari penyakit neurologist atau trauma kerusakan saraf. Penyebabnya  adalah gangguan yang mengaruhi sistem saraf pusat seperti stroke dan stroke mini, multiple skerosis, mielitis transversa, dan ensefalitis.

Tumor maupun lesi vascular yang menekan otak atau sumsum tulang juga bisa menimbulkan paresthesia.. sindrom saraf seperti sindrom saluran carpal (CTS) bisa merusak saraf perifer dan menyebabkan paresthesia diiringi rasa nyeri.

Berikut ini sejumlah penyakit yang ditandai oleh gejala kesemutan.

1. Diabetes mellitus (DM)

Pada pasien DM, kesemutan merupakan gejala kerusakan pada pembuluh darah. Akibatnya, darah yang mengalir di ujung-ujung saraf berkurang. Kondisi ini dapat diatasi dengan mengendalikan kadar gula darah secara ketat, juga mengonsumsi obat seperti  gabapentin, vitamin  B1 dan B12.

2. Stroke

Kesemutan dapat jadi tanda stroke ringan. Biasanya ditandai sumbatan pada pembuluh darah di otak yang menyebabkan kerusakan saraf setempat. Gejala lain yang muncul, rasa kebas separuh badan, lumpuh separuh badan, buta sebelah mata, sukar berbicara, pusing, penglihatan ganda dan kabur.

Gejala berlangsung beberapa menit atau 24 jam. Biasanya terjadi waktu tidur atau baru bangun. Kondisi ini harus ditangani karena bisa berkembang menjadi stroke berat.