The Acropolis Annual Members Gathering

On 29th October 2012, in one nice evening, The Media Hotel & Towers has recently hosted Annual Members Gathering for members of The Acropolis Spa & Fitness at outdoor area of Sukhothai Restaurant. It was a pleasant gathering featured with cocktail dinner, live music, dance, award presentation and door prizes.

In the beginning, guests were welcomed by GM, followed by door prize for lucky members. The night continued with mingle session by guests and management team members. Overall, guests enjoyed the gathering and had fun. This was one of many ways to show all members, that they are part of the big family of The Media Hotel & Towers.

According committee Chairman of The Acropolis Member’s Gathering Maria Dewi, the gathering was part of series of challenging yet fun and healthy activities such as aerobic competition, strength competition, table tennis competition and many more.

Idul Qurban; Time to Sacrifice for Good Cause

In celebration of Eid-ul-Adha on Friday 26th October 2012, The Media Hotel & Towers participated in the celebration by hosting Eid prayer took place at hotel premises followed with organizing a sacrifice ritual. Associates and guests at The Media Hotel & Towers proactively joined in the celebration by donating cash to purchase two cows and a goat. Meats of the sacrificed cattles were distributed to less fortunate people living surround the hotel.


Eid-ul-Adha is  the  Muslim festival that marks the end of the pilgrimage to Makkah  known as Hajj. Eid-ul-Adha is also known as the “Feast of Sacrifice,” and it commemorates Abraham’s faith and devotion to God.


Seen in the pictures President Director PT. Grahasahari Suryajaya Nasrul Dasirin, General Manager The Media Hotel & Towers Algamar Idris, long stay guest “Pak Jack” together with associates and committee members of Eid-ul-Adha lead by Ahmad Chairul Rizal worked hand-in-hand to distribute sacrificed meats to the needy community

Doctor Health Presentation

Doctor Presentation. One of the programs made for associate was held on September 19th 2012. More than hundred associates attended the 60 minutes presentation that discussed Hypertension & Stroke” as the main topic. Located at Galaxy Associates Training Room, doctor delivered presentation about what hypertension and strokes were and the effects of those diseases. Associates showed interest enthusiasm through the activity.

The Media Hotel & Towers to Support Eagle Awards

The Media Hotel & Towers has recently attended the Awarding Night of Eagle Awards at MetroTv Studio.

General Manager Algamar Idris receieved an award as the official hotel partner for the award. The Media Hotel & Towers showed consistent support on the program by giving away luxury accommodation for both participants and committee of The Eagle Award.

English Class

In order to support associates in daily activities, The Media Hotel & Towers hosted English Class. The English Class was held twice in a week, attended by associates from various departments. In a class with duration of 60 minutes, the associates learned about  daily conversations, idioms, and how to use grammar properly. This program would help them improve their communication skill that is also useful for their career.